Why men get bald faster than women?

This question must have crossed many men and women!

Have u ever thought why?

There are scientific reason for this.

Men have a hormone called Testosterone which is converted in to Dihydrotestosterone ( DHT).

This DHT attacks healthy hair And shrinks them .. this process is called Miniaturisation ...which means length and thickness of hair is reduced.

Now how does the DHT attack healthy hair?

There is a particular receptor called alpha receptor which attracts this DHT.. DHT gets attached to alpha receptor the combination of this shrinks hair .

There are 2 types of alpha receptors alpha 1 and alpha 2.

Alpha is typically distributed in front portion scalp like hairline and alpha 2 is distributed in crown(vertex)portion.

Alpha 2 is much stronger rector than alpha1 and that is why many people have crown baldness.

Also crown baldness is difficult to treat.

Alpha is milder receptor hence treatments work better on hairline both medical and surgical.

Women don’t have as much quantity of testosterone so the conversion to DHT is much lesser.

Less quantity of DHT will definitely shrink less hair.

Also the distribution of alpha hair is distributed differently than men.

In women it is distributed around middle partition in Christmas like pattern and that’s why women complain of widening of middle partition when they start losing hair.

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