What every man must know about baldness

1) baldness is not same as hair fall....

Hair fall could be diffuse and due to various reasons like stress, crashdiet, certain medications like chemotherapy, anti malarials , Nutritional deficiencies like iron, zinc, biotin.

Where baldness is due to genetic factors which leads to increased sensitivity of DHT ( a product of Male hormone called testosterone).

It has a typical pattern like hairline receding and crown balding.

2) Baldness is permanent:

Once the hair is gone is gone permanently.

DHT shrinks hair over period of time this process is called Miniaturisation... this is irreversible.

3) Can diet modification, Vitamines, serum, Medicated scalp applications or any treatment grow hair on bald patch - NO

As miniaturised hair is damaged from the root and it will never grow to original size.

4) Is baldness treatable: yes

Hair transplant replaces Hair roots from back of scalp which are genetically resistant ( they never get miniaturised as DHT doesn’t affect ) to bald areas.

5) Will transplanted Hair last for long? Yes they last for life

6) will my children go bald if Iam bald? Yes they might inherit the tendency specially Male children.

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