The robot is set to transform the effectiveness and success rate of transplants.

Like many men going a little thin on top, Me.Sandip Shah aged 38, has been watching his hair recede and is concerned about the onset.

Hair Science is the first institute to introduce robotic procedures.

We introduced the most advanced robotic machine called ARTAS.

ARTAS is the only Robotic machine which approved by USFDA.

US surgeon Craig Ziering, who is behind the idea, says the machines are combining the artistry of the surgeon with the mechanical consistency and efficiency of the robot.

"We're able to harvest successfully without damaging the grafts, probably at an increased rate of 50 percent compared to the hand method," Dr Craig said.

ARTAS computerized robotics is believed by industry experts to be a giant leap forward in modern FUE hair transplant technology. Dr.Anjali Shere explains how the ARTAS system operates a state-of-the-art robotic arm guided by cameras, color identification sensors, and 3-D imagining software to quickly graft new hair.

The grafting system is so efficient that it allows the operating physician to dissect grafts without damaging surrounding tissue.

According to Dr.Anjali patients can have their hair transplant completed in a day, with little to no scarring.

In addition, patients can expect fast recovery times and fast growing hair, which allows them to return to their normal lives more quickly.

Hair Science has pioneered in Robotic hair Transplants India.

Annually 200-250 patients chose robotic procedure and patients come from all over the world!

Artas machine is so precise, so advanced, nobody has to know you’ve had treatment and patients from all corners of the world come to Hair Science and fly back in 3-4 days downtime!!

The ARTAS® Procedure allows a skilled physician, like Dr.Anjali Shere to utilize advanced digital technology and precision robotics to give you fuller, healthy looking hair. Hair from the back of your head is permanently transplanted into thinning areas.

Your hair grows naturally, as before.

Your hair will be your own hair and you can wear it in any style with confidence.

Benefits of ARTAS:-

Minimally invasive, outpatient procedure

Quick recovery

Permanent hair restoration results

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