Hair transplant is a surgical procedure to treat baldness.

It is done under local anaesthesia and it’s a day procedure, that means hospital admission is not required.

Hair transplant is by and large a safe procedure that’s why it is done in clinics all over the world.

But is the procedure painful?

Pain is a very subjective sensation felt due to prick, heat, cold sensations.

Hair transplant procedure is done under local anaesthesia that means your skin of scalp is numb so you don’t feel any sensations exactly like the procedure of dental extraction.

Let me explain how local anaesthesia is given.

At Hair science , Dr.Anjali Shere gives lot of importance in making comfortable.

We put numbing cream on forhead and donor area after trimming hair and we keep for 30 mins.

Then we use either cold compression before giving injection so that one doenst feel pain when skin is numbed with cold compression. We also use skin vibrators for injecting local anaesthesia so that Brain perceives vibrations and not pain!

This local anaesthesia is given in two parts...once on donor area when we are extracting hair and once on recipient area when we are inserting grafts in to scalp.

Local anaesthesia mixed with long acting anaesthetics lasts for 4-5 hours easily and this procedure is competed easily.

While doing procedure w rout nice soothing music which helps patients in calming down.

Dr.Anjali Shere does Counselling and reassuring patients before procedure that helps immensely and reinforces faith.

Pain is psychological so removing fear of pain will reduce the anxiety associated with it and ultimately will reduce pain.

One should be mentally prepared for the procedure and if possible do mediation in the morning before procedure.

Hair transplant is a decision taken for improving personality and confidence ... so as they say No pain No gain!!

This question must have crossed many men and women!

Have u ever thought why?

There are scientific reason for this.

Men have a hormone called Testosterone which is converted in to Dihydrotestosterone ( DHT).

This DHT attacks healthy hair And shrinks them .. this process is called Miniaturisation ...which means length and thickness of hair is reduced.

Now how does the DHT attack healthy hair?

There is a particular receptor called alpha receptor which attracts this DHT.. DHT gets attached to alpha receptor the combination of this shrinks hair .

There are 2 types of alpha receptors alpha 1 and alpha 2.

Alpha is typically distributed in front portion scalp like hairline and alpha 2 is distributed in crown(vertex)portion.

Alpha 2 is much stronger rector than alpha1 and that is why many people have crown baldness.

Also crown baldness is difficult to treat.

Alpha is milder receptor hence treatments work better on hairline both medical and surgical.

Women don’t have as much quantity of testosterone so the conversion to DHT is much lesser.

Less quantity of DHT will definitely shrink less hair.

Also the distribution of alpha hair is distributed differently than men.

In women it is distributed around middle partition in Christmas like pattern and that’s why women complain of widening of middle partition when they start losing hair.

1) baldness is not same as hair fall....

Hair fall could be diffuse and due to various reasons like stress, crashdiet, certain medications like chemotherapy, anti malarials , Nutritional deficiencies like iron, zinc, biotin.

Where baldness is due to genetic factors which leads to increased sensitivity of DHT ( a product of Male hormone called testosterone).

It has a typical pattern like hairline receding and crown balding.

2) Baldness is permanent:

Once the hair is gone is gone permanently.

DHT shrinks hair over period of time this process is called Miniaturisation... this is irreversible.

3) Can diet modification, Vitamines, serum, Medicated scalp applications or any treatment grow hair on bald patch - NO

As miniaturised hair is damaged from the root and it will never grow to original size.

4) Is baldness treatable: yes

Hair transplant replaces Hair roots from back of scalp which are genetically resistant ( they never get miniaturised as DHT doesn’t affect ) to bald areas.

5) Will transplanted Hair last for long? Yes they last for life

6) will my children go bald if Iam bald? Yes they might inherit the tendency specially Male children.